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Ableton Live Lessons, Mixing and Mastering

Music Production Lessons in Ableton Live

One of the most difficult things about learning Ableton Live is figuring out what you need to learn.
There are so many ways to use the software that it can be confusing to know what to look up online, even though the information may be there. 1-on-1 lessons are helpful because I can understand where you are getting stuck, and I will use a personalized approach to guide you.
I can explain the nuances and complexities of Ableton in ways that are easy to understand.

I teach all skill levels.

pricing: $50 for an hour, $30 for a half hour.
I can give discounts if you want to book a block of lessons.

Lessons will be taught via Zoom video call, using screen share so that I can see what you are doing in Ableton.

send me an email to reach out!
-Neil "the zlorngler"