the zlorngler

Psychedelic Visuals and Beats
Ableton Live Lessons, Mixing and Mastering


psychedelic video work / music videos                                          -                contact me for pricing
beats                                                                                                     -               contact me for pricing
saxophone features                                                                           -                contact me for pricing
art commissions                                                                                -                contact me for pricing
Ableton Live Private Lessons via Zoom                                         -                $30 half hour,   $50 hour
Mixing and Mastering                                                                         -                $100 - $150 Mixing, $50 Mastering
Merch                                                                                                    -                 go to the "MERCH" page
License to use my music in your Video Games or Video           -                 contact me

I do psychedelic visual work, both music videos and live visuals, (As well as the other things listed above)
I'm located in the Los Angeles area.

I can work with a wide range of budgets.
Price depends on the specifics of what you want made and how much time that will take.
I'm always open to discussing a video and figuring out pricing that will work for your budget.

hit me up!
-the zlorngler

email me at:           
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or hit me up on instagram:                      @the_zlorngler